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Chapter 1: Highway Functions Functional Classification, Functional System Characteristics, Functional Highway Systems in Urbanized Areas.

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New exhibits in Chapter 3 will help designers to quickly and accurately determine the side friction factor used for horizontal curve design, the superelevation rates for various curve radii, and the minimum radii with normal crown for each of the five maximum superelevation rates.

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AASHTO-2004-A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets

The book features:418 Exhibits, tables, and drawings; Dual units (metric and U. customary) throughout; Larger format to provide easy-to-read text and graphics; Available on CD-ROM (single-user version); Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act; Discusses the new AASHTO Bicycle Guide and AASHTO Pedestrian Guide; Incorporates research from NCHRP Reports 375, 383, 400, 420, and 439.

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Chapter 6: Collector Roads and Streets Rural Collectors, Urban Collectors.

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