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Thanks to the efforts of Vishwas Bhide of Sangali, and Chhaya and Sharad Deo of Nasik. It is mirrored at another site where German translation by Mr D. Get the PDF ebook English translation of Dnyaneshwari by Manu Subedar Gita Explained; first printed in 1932 - available from Digital Library of India and then OCRed.

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He has also translated Atmaaram, Guru Geeta, Sai Satcharitra, Bhagwad Geeta, Ashtavakra Geeta, Guru Charitra, Dnyaneshwari, Upadesh saar, and Upanishads. h A ho Ila d Ana pas Avo at a well-prepared site presentation of 24 lectures on pas Ayad Ana (Pasayadan) by Shri Shirish Shantaram Kava De. It includes translation of difficult words, difficult ov Is, and classification and punctuations/markings useful for self study.

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(The ITX file would be easier for Roman letter/word search using Itrans notation or reprocessing selected text using Itranslator.) Click on the (audio) above to listen to the particular dashak.

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We are pleased to present here complete etexts of Dnyaneshwari and Dasbodh. We recommend the use of Unicode Devanagari display or the PDF/PS files.

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