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The development is sponsored by Sri Guru Sakhare Maharaj Sampradai Yashodhan Publication and Multimedia Creations Team at C-DAC. Another translation is available at performed by Swami VIshwatmak or more commonly know as Jangli Maharaj. Yardi is also available at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Pune site. Visit additional Marathi translations of atharvash Ir Sha, Sha Tpadi, s Uryastavan and Sanskrit translations of hanum Ana ch Alis A, m Arutistotra, Savarkar's s Agar A pr ANa ta Lama Lal A and jayostute poems, Sane guruji's balas Agara bh Arata hovo, Kavi Kusumagraja's kr Ant Ich A jayajayak Ara and others. Gokhale has prepared a site gharoghar I Dnyaneshwariwith 18 adhy Aya neatly arranged in PDF files.

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Shri Gokhale is also planning to present Patanjai yog sutras, Ashthyadhyai of Panini, and Nirukta of Yaska in Marathi translation.

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