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Background You Tube Videos Testing DC PM Motors (separate Web page) Basic Theory Mabuchi Model Numbers Motors 1.5 - 3 Volt Toy Motor Floppy Wireless Power Transfer Pulleys & Gears Beams Micro RAX Maker Beam Open Beam Phidgets Electronic Speed Controls (ESC) & Related Controls Chassis On my web pages there are a number of antique DC and AC motors. I'm also interested in very efficient electrical circuits, like the Joule Thief that can light a LED with a dead battery or Miller Solar Engine (MSE) that can be used to power a small DC motor.


The shaft diameter of a motor is related to it's power output, for 1/8" shafts that amounts to about 50 to 200 Watts (746 Watts is 1 horsepower).

General Chemistry Lab <u>Manual</u> Corwin - netradicni

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DC PM motors make use of magnets and testing them requires special flywheels.

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The main variation is in what size wire is used to wind the armature and that relates to how many turns will fit. Mabuchi Motors - Technical Guide - Part Number List Decoding Mabuchi part numbers: L wire diameter hundredths of mm: 0.01mm (1), 0.05mm (D), 0.055mm (Z) TTT Turns per slot: might be 2, 3 or 4 digits.

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