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Now here’s the third book in the series, with yet more sage guidance and dozens of fascinating true stories.

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’ • find the genius that hides within you • receive the best others have to give • focus your advertising, your business, and your life Along the way, the Wizard will: • share the power of encouragement • talk to you about your Ruby Red Slippers • make you understand how lucky you are • show you how to avoid the mistakes that others have already made • convince you of the need to rest In 100 chapters full of wit, wisdom and uncommon good sense, Secret Formulas conjures up more of the Wizard’s provocative observations on advertising, business, and life that won The Wizard of Ads 1998 Business Book of the Year Award—only this time, the book has nuts, bolt, and even more bite!

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Drawing on the teachings of his renowned Academy, the Wizard shares his unique perspectives on the roles neuroscience, chaos theory, poetry, and art play in the field of human persuasion.

The Meta Secret

These wordsmiths multiply the power of the images with the tools they picked up in class.

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