Pdf does not open in browser firefox

Foxit Reader will not open pdf files in a new tab in FireFox.

Any idea how I can get online pdfs to open in the reader again?

Firefox not opening some pdf documents in the browser

To keep things uncomplicated and simple, we recommend you to choose a proper tool to open your PDF files.

<u>Firefox</u> <u>not</u> <u>opening</u> some <u>pdf</u> documents in the <u>browser</u>

Pdf-files do not open in Firefox • mozillaZine Forums

Until very recently I could open up pdf files that I found online in Foxit Reader.

How to View PDF in Web Browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE

Web browsers nowadays offer built-in PDF viewers which allow you to open your PDF files directly in your browser, instead of having to use a specific tool to open PDF.

Pdf does not open in browser firefox:

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