Powerpoint to pdf poor image quality

Powerpoint to pdf poor image quality - ewiqexema

But when the word doc is printed it looks as crisp as it does on my compiter screen.

Loss of image quality/sharpness in Powerpoint t. Adobe Community

I have tried: 1) Changing the image quality of the photos in Photo Shop, but that didnt help.

Loss of <u>image</u> <u>quality</u>/sharpness in <u>Powerpoint</u> t. Adobe Community

Help! Poor image quality when converting from MS Word doc to PDF

2) Went into MS Word PDF preferences and changed the Image Settings (under the advanced tab) to High and Maximum, and no change was noticed.

PPT exported to PDF yields poor rasterized image quality on jpg images.

The same thing happens in Word 2007/2010/2013 and the fix is the same. Worse, when Power Point compresses an animated GIF, the animations are lost. You have to change the option for every presentation you work on. Here's how: To turn compression off (but only for the current presentation) in Power Point 2007: Now, by default, Power Point does not compress pictures.

Powerpoint to pdf poor image quality:

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