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UnStrung Unwind, #1.5 by Neal Shusterman

A Reading Group Guide to Unwind By Neal Shusterman In the not-too-distant future, teens Connor, Risa, and Lev are on the run for their lives. What societal norms can you point to that have changed or remained the same? Which of the three main characters, Connor, Risa, or Lev, do you most identify with? Which of your own traits would you like to give up? Why do you think the author chose to split the narrative into two distinct threads? How does this affect the evolution of the characters? Compare the similarities and differences of Lev's journey with Cyrus to Joplin, Missouri, in Unwind to Huck's travel with Jim down the Mississippi River in the novel Huckleberry Finn. While being transported to possible safety, some of the kids on the run wonder, "Would it be better to die or be unwound? Write your testimony from the point of view of a teen slated to be unwound or from someone whose life was saved by receiving body parts from an unwound teen.

UnWholly Unwind, #2 by Neal Shusterman

Have students research those who helped endangered people in the past. Risa's band plays "Don't Fear the Reaper," among other songs, for the teens who are going to be unwound.

<strong>Unwind</strong> - Reading Group Guide Book by <strong>Neal</strong> <strong>Shusterman</strong>.

Unwind Unwind Dystology #1 read online free by Neal Shusterman

In small groups, discuss the idea of a second civil war in this country, and what it might be fought over. Find out how many people today elect to donate their organs after their death. Create a list of ten rules for getting along, in the spirit of the Admiral's "Ten Demandments." At the novel's end, when different people who obtained parts from a single individual are brought together, they begin to act as a unit.

Unwind. La Divisione Italian edition by Neal Shusterman.

They can study the pre-Civil War Underground Railroad, a vast network of individuals who helped runaway slaves make their way to freedom. Put together a set list of songs your band would play if you were performing at a Harvest Camp. In the novel, the characters arrive at "the graveyard," a safe refuge for teens facing unwinding.

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