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D. Think of your own sentences using the words and word.

The mixture of the products contains sodium trichloroacetate and another compound.

The structure of IF7 is (1) square pyramid (2) trigonal bipyramid (3) octahedral (4) pentagonal bipyramid Key: (4) 20.

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The major product obtained in the above reaction is : (1) 2-Bromophenol (2) 3-Bromophenol (3) 4-Bromophenol (4) 2, 4, 6-Tribromophenol Key: (4) Sol.: 5K Br KBr O3 3H2O → 3Br2 6KOH 9.

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Some of the CO2 is converted into CO on the addition of graphite.

Aieee previous years solved papers pdf:

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