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Director Aya Kyogoku (who also helmed New Leaf) has been admirably frank in admitting that the game was conceived as little more than a delivery device for Animal Crossing Amiibo - but I'm sure that when the idea was floated, it was more ambitious than the finished game has turned out to be. You travel around a single game board over the period of an in-game month that, by the end, begins to feel like it's running in real-time.

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The concept of an Animal Crossing-themed board game certainly isn't a terrible one, and I'm sure there's more mileage in the idea than developer Nd Cube has been able to explore in what I sense was a limited amount of development time.

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Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices - SMITH

It's not a Animal Crossing game, therefore it has no rht to be released.

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How strange that a game where the happiest player wins should have made so many people so very angry. It's hard to think of another publisher whose games are so regularly resented for simply existing, but such is the way with Nintendo.

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