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Remember that fantastic fan-made Mother 3 guide a while back? And hey, if you like what you see, you can get a hi-res PDF version for $6 or the full-blown book experience for $20, or 600 and 2,000 Nintendo Points respectively.

TRANSLATION NOTES - MOTHER 3 / EarthBound 2 Fan Translation

The translation is also dedicated to Shigesato Itoi, who needs no introduction.

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About - Mother 3 Handbook - The English gamers' guide to the world.

Here's to hoping there will be fans of the series 10 years from now who will have grown up with MOTHER 3 just as many of us grew up with Earth Bound.

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Those of you with a marshmallow-soft spot for the series and $20 American to spare probably already have your copy sitting snugly on your shelf.

Download mother 3 translation guide pdf:

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