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Today, the theatre continues to survive as a multenerational family of theatre professionals committed to redefining political change by rekindling a version of “total theatre.” The actors experiment with multiple elements of performance, such as focusing on physical movement, integrating music into the action, and creating visual images onstage.

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The 2011 festival that I attended focused in part on the social and moral costs that artists pay when managing their careers, including works that staged the lives of a famous dancer (Nijinsky) and an infamous actor (Gustaf Gründgens from the novel ), and an autobiographical piece by company actor Marusa Geymayer-Oblak.

Why <i>Glengarry</i> <i>Glen</i> <i>Ross</i>' Alec Baldwin scene is so

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In the repressive environment of the cold war where few theatres dared to oppose government policies, Mladinsko turned itself into an alternative theatre willing to raise social issues and dramatize them.

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Her astute leadership brought the theatre into prominence because she favored productions that reflected some of the avant-garde trends in European theatre at the time, including collective creation and theatre of images.

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