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Qong Master Mantak Chia, Creator of the Universal Tao System.

Chi Nei Tsang is part of a larger Taoist paradm of practice that includes meditation, Tai Chi, and Qong.

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CNT ques are easily adaptable to work on yourself as well; thereby offering an opportunity to both heal yourself and teach clients practices to better care for themselves. Chi Nei Tsang I, II and Associate Instructor $4400 Pay deposit $440 now Associate Instructor Only $2300 Pay deposit $230 now Extended payment offered Location 1 Union Sq W Suite 715 NY, NY 10003 Any questions and guide you to decide which courses to take e mail [email protected] Healing Tao system is a total Body-Mind-Spiritual practice.

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Qong and Chi Nei Tsang Courses with Karin Sorvik Healing Tao.

The result of both of these practices is to return the body to a state of balance and harmony.

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The Practice of Being Present To be fully present in the "now", Taoists empty themselves of concerns . Nonetheless they have powerful and long-lasting effects.

Mantak chia chi nei tsang ii pdf:

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