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" I get that King is writing about the Kindle for the Kindle, but c'mon...

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Anyway, the first chunk of the story really felt like King was shilling the heck out of the Kindle, and it got really annoying; how the main character was marveling at how inexpensive it was, how convenient, etc and how all the other characters are like "Cool, it's a Kindle!

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UR - Kindle edition by Stephen King. Mystery, Thriller & Suspense.

" He buys an e-book reader out of spite, but soon finds he can use the device to glimpse realities he had never before imagined, discovering literary riches beyond his wildest dream Reeling from a painful break-up, English instructor and avid book lover Wesley Smith is haunted by his ex-girlfriend's parting shot: "Why can't you just read off the computer like everyone else?

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That being said, I really found the concept of what it would be like to view millions of parallel 'books' on the Kindle to be very fascinating.

Ur stephen king pdf:

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