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I need to dump the whole Data Table values into an Excel file. You do have it, if you have Excel installed, but this is something you have to consider when deploying (e.g. In below helper class code you'd have to something like I have done the Data Table to Excel conversion with the following code.

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For example, do not drop the leading zeros in '0000012'. I found the extension on the Data Tables site here: The download is available in the plug-ins (extras) page here: It supposedly is downloaded as a part of Data Tables (hence the phrase "Extras included in the Data Tables package") but I didn't find it in the download I have been using. Most answers are actually producing the CSV which I don't always have good experience with, when opening in Excel.

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OBIEE Dashboard Export to Excel PDF HTML using Custom Links ~.

To be precise, I need the exact looking copy of Data Table in an Excel File. Of course you'd have to have the provider installed and registered.

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Content Type = "application/octet-stream"; Response. Add Header("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=Excel File."); // Create a dynamic control, populate and render it Grid View excel = new Grid View(); excel. may be hy effective depending on your audience.

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