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The Evolution of Life Histories - Stephen C. Stearns - Oxford.

Such sets of covarying traits are often referred to as “strategies” or “tactics” in the literature of ecology and evolution, meaning that they are “coadapted traits designed, by natural selection, to solve particular ecological problems” (Stearns 1976).

The evolution of life histories Demography of ageing One trait in.

Since the fittest are those which provide more descendants to future generations than their competitors, and fitness is largely determined by the age-dependent schedule of behavior, birth, death, and development rates, life histories are adaptations of unique importance to the analysis of Darwinian evolution (Stearns 1976; Bell 1980).

The <b>evolution</b> of <b>life</b> <b>histories</b> Demography of ageing One trait in.

The Evolution Of Life Histories By Stephen C. Stearns

Care is taken in Part I to build up the tools needed for a well-rounded evolutionary explanation: demography, quantitative genetics, reaction norms, trade offs and phylogenetic/comparative analysis.

Life History Theory and Evolutionary Psychology

Life history characters covary and function together, and so constitute complex adaptations because they are interdependent (Frazetta 1975).

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