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We wanted to post this update to give folks an idea of where we’re at and what’s next. If you’re one of the friendly local game stores offering the Instant PDF Preorder, you mht want something you can print up and advertise the offer. Click on the picture here to download a copy, or just log into your Bits & Mortar retailer account and grab one from the Evil Hat folder.


Thank you to everyone who’s helped make sure we work out the last few bugs in this thing before ink gets committed to paper. As mentioned above, we’re at about 275 preorders rht now. First off, unsold inventory is effectively the same as unspent income when tax-time comes around.

Pick-up <b>game</b> - pedia

The Pick-Up Game by Robert King · OverDrive Rakuten.

Secondly, this is an opportunity for us to protect the value of the Instant PDF Preorder we’re running with game stores everywhere.

THE MASTER GAME Beyond the Drug Experience

We’ve been getting some great feedback on the early-access PDF of the RPG, and folks have already found a few small issues for us to fix. If you catch an issue yourself, please do let us know!

The pickup game robert king pdf:

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