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Why Your Team Sucks 2017 Miami Dolphins - Deadspin

We’ve been getting some great feedback on the early-access PDF of the RPG, and folks have already found a few small issues for us to fix. If you catch an issue yourself, please do let us know!

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Once that number hits 1000, or we reach June 1st, we’ll release the PDF as a stand-alone product for folks who don’t want the physical book. By offering access to the PDF only through preorders of the physical book, we’re giving folks an incentive to help us reduce that inventory.

Why Your Team Sucks 2017 Miami Dolphins - Deadspin

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We’ll need to hear from you before the end of April.

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Thank you to everyone who’s helped make sure we work out the last few bugs in this thing before ink gets committed to paper. As mentioned above, we’re at about 275 preorders rht now. First off, unsold inventory is effectively the same as unspent income when tax-time comes around.

The pickup game robert king pdf:

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