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Overview The first chapter of the program focuses on the liberation that comes with literacy. The title of Parks first autobiography, "A Choice of Weapons", serves as a banner for his life and his work.

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The chapter is based on Slave Narratives and includes the Federal Writers' Project's oral interviews with former slaves that were conducted in the 1930s. History, Civil Rights History and African-American studies. Title: Our Nig, or, Sketches from the life of a free Black, in a two- story white house, north : showing that slavery's shadows fall even there / by "Our Nig." Published: New York : Random House, c1983. Title: The underground rail road Published: Chicago : Johnson Pub. New York's Harlem was at the center of an explosion of art, creativity and culture that was rightly called a black 'Renaissance'. Published: New York : Harper & Row, Author: Kirschke, Amy Helene. Things for students to watch for during viewing: -Art as an otion for young people -Accountability that comes with being an artist -Importance of exploring a range of interests and abilities Group Discussion Questions: -How did Parks overcome the many disadvantages he faced as a youth? -What is an artists responsibility to her/his subjects and audience? Excerpt from featured work: Gordon Parks' was greatly influenced by his mother, who imparted traditional values on the young man that would guide his life and his work.

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This documentary and study guide can be used to generate interest in literature, creative writing, history and African-American studies.

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