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The revised EPA MPG ratings ( Compare Side By Side.jsp? I purchased the car, used, in 12/2009 with 82K miles; it now has 91K.

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So in general if you're getting the EPA rating during highway trips, there's probably nothing wrong with your car. Premium gas is recommended but we've had no problem in the past 4 years on the mid-grade.2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe, 6-speed manual checking in (297hp, 19" rims and aero/tech packages) 23-24 mpg on an 75/25 highway-to-city mix, w/ semi-spirited driving. Are the brakes dragging/parking brake not fully disengaged?

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In highway driving (assuming no traffic), you should be able to hit the EPA mark pretty easily because the highway cycle is basically just running constantly at highway speeds. Mileage is up enough to notice, unfortunately so are the gas prices.

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25mpg if really, really trying on smooth, clear highway per the engine comp (record was 26.5). Pretty sure they're not - the car rolls nicely when it's out of gear, and when I replaced the front rotors last summer I had no problems getting the calipers off. That car's engine should be torquey enough to handle 1800-2000 rpm shifts. Have it checked by a sharp driveability expert mechanic -- someone who knows about fuel trim, oxygen sensor scope patterns, mass airflow sensor speed density testing, etc. Pretty compact but no lack of stop signs and signals down town.

2003 infiniti g35 sedan owners manual pdf:

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