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Game Character Modeling and Animation with 3ds Max.

It appears to have a 3d paint feature, but I'd hardly call it advanced at all. If you go here: [link] and scroll down and expand the section for 3D Studio Max 2012, you can download the student version for free. Thanks By the way, the character made in this tutorial will be "stiff" like an action figure or "movable" like a puppet? -Especially- if you're rigging something a little more high poly.

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Go down a little further and expand the section on Autodesk Maya and you can download it for free. Like, I can move around his arms and make him do different poses or not? Super low poly is fine with Physique, but the more dense the mesh becomes, the more annoying it is to try and rig it with Physique.

Facial Rigging and Animation in 3D - DiVA portal

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It doesn't appear to be a 'making textures' sort of program though. i need to learn how to organic model to make my own charcters hhaa. One question, after you've finished texturing the model do you then convert it back to an editable poly to join all the parts back together? I'm just starting to learn 3D so this is a great help! I've used both (Physique is an old standard, and waaaay back in the day when the studio I'm working at made ps2 games, our engine only supposed Physique, so I'm more than familiar with it) The thing is that Skin is probably a much better choice.

Character Creation in 3ds Max - Chapter 1 by Rodrigue Pralier / 3ds.

can anybody explain what I am doing wrong and offer any advice to correct it without this issue?

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