Creating a world without poverty summary pdf

Creating a world without poverty social business and the.

It's a bonus when, towards the end, he tells Warren Buffett what he should have done with his billions, instead of giving it to the Gates Foundation (start a social business to create universal health insurance in the U. It isn't a bad idea, and there are plenty of other good ones in the book.

Summing up Muhammad Yunus, "Creating a World Without Poverty.

And they should have an interest -- the book is clearly written and social business is a growing phenomenon (witness Google's emerging Foundation, in the news last week for announcing its plans).

<u>Creating</u> a <u>World</u> <u>without</u> <u>Poverty</u> Social Business and the.

Creating a World without Poverty Social Business and the.

That experience will be widely useful to companies that want to understand what it takes to create a social business, and what they mht mean for (on one level, Yunus is showing how to tap gantic s of consumers).

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Since 1982 he has been writing a quarterly column in Decision Line, "In the Classroom." Dr.

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