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Thanks, Engineering Symbology, Prints and Drawing (Total 2 Volumns in pdf) Instrumentation and Control (Total 2 Volumns in pdf) Instrumentation and Control (Total 4 Tutorials in pdf) Electrical Science (Total 4 Volumns in pdf) Lessons In Electric Circuits (Total 6 Volumns in pdf) Mechanical Science (Total 2 Volumns in pdf) Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Total 2 Volumns in pdf) Transcations in Measurement and Control (Total 4 Volumns in pdf) A Heat Transfer Textbook (10.1 MB pdf) Automating Manufacturing Systems with PLCs (10.75 MB pdf) Adjustable Speed Drives (320 KB pdf) Introduction to Industrial Automation and Control (138.18 KB pdf) Integration and Automation of Manufacturing Systems (3.66 MB pdf) Architecture of Industrial Automation Systems (158.46 KB pdf) Higher Levels of Automation Systems (151.2 KB) Intelligent Building Automation System (911.24 KB pdf) Automation in Manufacturing (1.39 MB pdf) Automation Sensors (1.04 MB pdf) Vision for Automation (1.26 MB pdf) Security Content Automation Protocol [SCAP] Introduction (1.47 MB pdf) Automating Manufacturing Systems with PLCs (10.75 MB pdf) Amplifiers (3.15 MB pdf) Amplifier Builder's Guide (32 MB pdf) Basic Instrumentation Measuring Devices And Basic PID Control (1.88 MB pdf) Busway Basics (3.39 MB pdf) Builder's Foundation Handbook (1.94 MB pdf) Bridge Maintenance, Inspection and Repair (5.13 MB pdf) Burner Management System Safety Integrity Level Selection (106.50 KB pdf) Basics of AC Drives (4.53 MB pdf) Basics of AC Motors (3.97 MB pdf) Basics of Control Components (6.28 MB pdf) Basics of DC Drives (4.51 MB pdf) Basics of Motor Control Centers (5.54 MB pdf) Basics of PLCs (3.66 MB pdf) Basics of Sensors (3.20 MB pdf) Basics of Busway (5.91 MB pdf) Basics of Circuit Breakers (4.23 MB pdf) Basics of Load Centers (5.56 MB pdf) Basics of Meter Mounting Equipment (5.21 MB pdf) Basics of Panelboards (3.62 MB pdf) Basics of Power Monitoring (4.05 MB pdf) Basics of Safety Switches (3.98 MB pdf) Basics of Switchboards (3.15 MB pdf) Basics of Electricity (2.54 MB pdf) e Book 1 Basics of Electricity (4.3 MB ppt) e Book 2 Basics of Electrical Products (9.68 MB pdf) Basic Radio - The Essentials of Electron tubes and their Circuits (14.7 MB pdf) Control Components Basics (5.61 MB pdf) Calibration Primer (849.26 KB pdf) Cathodic Protection Systems for Civil Works Structures (2.31 MB pdf) Concrete Repair (995.22 KB pdf) Conservation Laws (6.98 MB pdf) Conceptual Physics (25.8 MB pdf) (Also See Valves) Control Valve Handbook Fourth Edition (3.05 MB pdf) Control Valve Handbook Third Edition (5.86 MB pdf) How to Achieve Optimal Control Valve Performance (454.18 KB pdf) Handbook for Control Valve Sizing (573.90 KB pdf) Cavitation in Control Valves (1.65 MB pdf) Rotary Control Valve Selection Guide (400 KB pdf) Directional Control Valves (558.63 KB pdf) Flow Control Valves (2.75 MB pdf) Control Valves and Accessories (973 KB pdf) Control Systems (2.03 MB pdf) Process Control System (1.68 MB pdf) Modern Control Systems Solution Manual (4.82 MB pdf) Designing a Control System for High Availability (547 KB doc) Selection and Application of Advance Control Systems: PLC, DCS and PC - based system (139 KB pdf) Core Technology Part 1: A Tale of Two Thermals: Capillary & Immersible (424 KB pdf) Core Technology Part 2: Advanced Transit-Time Measurement Technology (660 KB pdf) Core Technology Part 3: Multivariable Mass Vortex (352 KB pdf) Data Acquisition (1.29 MB pdf) DCS or PLC?

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