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), a listing of all of the Combat Maneuvers available with quick notes on what they do, and a listing of all the standard Damage Types with notes on their effects.

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The Imbuements Reference Table is a handy reference of all of the Imbuements from GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements. The d6 Roll Tables show you the chance of attaining a given roll on any roll from 1d6 up to 20d6. Various ability Modifiers - Enhancements for Strikers & Claws, Liimitations for Psi abilities, and Accessibility/Mitigators based on Hit Point and Fatigue levels. These conversions were originally written by Curtis Handsaker, also known as "Z09SS" on the SJGames forum. The original compilation was presented on the now defunct This PDF was edited by me, taking all of the templates presented by Curtis on the gurpswiki and compiling them into a printable format.

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I've since modified, adding a little information and turned it into a PDF for printing. This PDF is intended to be a quick cheat sheet with the most vital information for combat laid out on a single page.

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Optional rules for Unreliable, Self-Control, and Resistant. A variation on Damage Resistance a new Advantage, Damage Reduction, and a new Limitation for Damage Resistance Damage Penetration. The essential rules for playing GURPS distilled down to a single page.

Free pdf 2nd world war z book:

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