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), a listing of all of the Combat Maneuvers available with quick notes on what they do, and a listing of all the standard Damage Types with notes on their effects.


Optional rules for Unreliable, Self-Control, and Resistant. A variation on Damage Resistance a new Advantage, Damage Reduction, and a new Limitation for Damage Resistance Damage Penetration. The essential rules for playing GURPS distilled down to a single page.

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All are different ways of trying to simulate essentially the same thing. Originally compiled by Karl Gallagher as a convention handout.

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An extended Size and Speed/Range Table which covers distances from 1 mile to 700,000 parsecs. The Combat/Resistance Chance of Success Tables lay out the chance of success in typical GURPS combat rolls and Resistance Rolls (the later of which would also be accurate if you're thinking of replacing the combat attack/defense rolls with a Quick Contest of skills).

Free pdf 2nd world war z book:

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