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A total amplification of about 21 d B is technically very ambitious as it was not the goal to build a power oscillator.

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The live weight of this PA amounts to 1.6 metric tons, it needs a big room on its own with a defined supply and exhaust air and its output reaches frightening 20 Kilowatts, even for RTTY. Burkhard has an official permission of the BNA for 20 KW on shortwave for broadcast, although not for ham radio.

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The tube which satisfies the technical requirements of the project “Tsunami” for sure without reaching its limits is the 4CX10000D.

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According to the Eimac spec sheet for SSB linear Click to enlarge image Fig.1: amplification applications, this tetrode features a plate dissipation of 12 Kilowatts (Ua, max: 7500 V, Ia, max: 4 A) and provides a continuous output of 16 Kilowatts within the guaranteed values by Eimac.

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