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Well, three years ago, the of this article placed a bet against Burkhard to build a power amplified with more than half the output power of the VK20 in SSB mode, yet would fit the trunk of a compact car as well as a manageable weight. Even the additional difficulty of a minimal required input power of only 100 Watts, achieved by every amateur transceiver, in order to attain the full SSB transmit power of approximately 15 Kilowatts was accomplished.

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These notes include corrections to the original articles and, in some cases, expanded descriptions. In the several months spent scanning every single issue of G-E Ham News for posting here, I developed an appreciation and affection for the little magazine.

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According to the Eimac spec sheet for SSB linear Click to enlarge image Fig.1: amplification applications, this tetrode features a plate dissipation of 12 Kilowatts (Ua, max: 7500 V, Ia, max: 4 A) and provides a continuous output of 16 Kilowatts within the guaranteed values by Eimac.

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My tribute to Lighthouse Larry appeared as "Look What Lighthouse Larry has this Month" in the QCWA Journal, Fall 2010, Volume 59, Number 3.

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