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Students will benefit from the real-world case studies discussed in the text and develop communication and critical thinking skills they will use throughout their lives.

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Robinson and Smoking Chapter 18 Renal System and ADHChapter 19 Urinary System Chapter 20 Nervous System – Action Potential Chapter 21 Nervous System – Autonomic Nervous System Chapter 22 Nervous System – High Noon and Reflexes Chapter 23 Nervous System – Papillon Chapter 24 Nervous System – Senator Kennedy and the Brain Chapter 25 Neuromuscular- Botox Chapter 26 Senses – Hearing Loss Chapter 27 Senses – Detached Retina Chapter 28 Senses – Ben Franklin’s Bifocals Chapter 29 Senses – Chocolate and Taste Chapter 30 Senses – Chateau Lafite and Olfaction Chapter 31 Neuromuscular - Myasthenia Gravis Chapter 32 Muscular – Rigor Mortis Chapter 33 Skeletal System – Osteoporosis Chapter 34 Skeletal System – Articulation of the Knee Joint Chapter 35 Endocrine System – Jackie Robinson and Diabetes Chapter 36 Immune System- HIVChapter 37 Reproductive System - STDs Chapter 38 Reproductive System - Female Chapter 39 Reproductive System – Male Chapter 40 Human Genetics – Fragile XChapter 41 Development- Prenatal Care Chapter 42 Natural Selection Chapter 43 Scientific Evidence and Thinking Chapter 44 Contingent Probabilities Chapter 45 Write Your Own Case Stanton Braude is on the faculty of the University of Missouri in St. He is author of over 30 scientific articles and reviews in four languages.

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine - Mayo

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Louis and The International Center for Tropical Ecology Deena Goran, John Burroughs School and the University College of Washington University Alexander Miceli is the ideal resource for students enrolled in any Anatomy and Physiology or Human Biology Course.

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The exercises are also perfect for individual homework assignments.

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