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Psittacines, ratites, tortoises, and other bird and reptile species provide opportunities for additional exotic animal experience. Daily assignments include patient care, treatments/cleaning, keeper communications, hospital and equipment upkeep, field procedure preparation and breakdown, assistance with medical records, diagnostic techniques, radiology, necropsy, etc. Application Requests: A completed application form, Curriculum vitae, letter of intent, one letter of reference, the names of 2 people who can be contacted for a reference, 2-3 choices for time slot.

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Application Deadline: Students are selected on a first come, first served basis Class Standing: Fourth year veterinary students preferred, DVM graduates also accepted Compensation: Minimum Wage Housing: Arranged by student Transportation: Arranged by student Insurance: Workman’s compensation.

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Research: Student is expected to complete a project on a topic of his/her choice. An application form can be obtained by contacting the program coordinator as indicated above.

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Must be willing to work flexible hours including weekends and holidays and have reliable transportation.

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