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To give you an idea of what the Countdown to Competition plan looks like, see my 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan for Week 1 below: Pretty SIMPLE, right? Getting that much protein in actually made me very nauseous the first 2 days but once I got on a strict schedule and adjusted the food arrangement spacing my proteins a bit more, I started to actually crave my competition days on my Extreme days. This is a great way to continue your fitness journey and I encourage all of you to go after your goals with all you have and do it in a healthy manner!

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Basically, Autumn removed all the “questionable” unclean, high fat, or high sodium items such as: What you need to realize though is making those slight changes really fine tune your nutrition and take your results up a notch! We were already eating fairly clean so for us, we really wanted a serious challenge and the countdown to competition plan was the way to go!

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I, selfishly was excited because I could reuse a lot of my original recipes to compile a list of 21 Day Fix Extreme Recipes that are approved per the guidelines to help all of you! I will be the first to say that this plan isn’t going to be for everyone.

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At first glance, many may think that the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan is VERY similar to the original 21 Day Fix meal plan. They are very similar but the minor differences pack a powerful punch in terms of additional results. This is the plan that Tommie and I decided to follow as part of the test group.

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