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But it doesn’t permit saving PDFs as image, neither with the free Adobe Reader, only a dedicated Mac PDF to BMP Converter if you need extract PDF content and save as images. Mac PDF to BMP Converter is a simple utility program for Mac OS X Snow Leopard to extract/convert from Adobe PDF files to BMP image format for use in other applications.

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OS X even includes functionality that lets you insert/remove pages from a PDF and do some other limited editing. BMP graphics image format can be used in word processing, presentation, and desktop publishing software while PDFs can’t.

How to Convert <b>PDF</b> to <b>BMP</b> in Windows - @PDFelement

Mac PDF to BMP Converter to convert PDFs to BMP image format on Mac OS X

Now you have converted your PDF files to BMP image, you can easily use the BMPs in other applications right away!

WMF Converter for Mac - Download

The default Preview application on Mac OS X 10.x is the best/safest option to open PDFs natively.

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