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The journal aims at being a reference and a powerful tool to all those professionally active and/or interested in the methods and applications of simulation.

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Paper submission is solicited on:• theoretical aspects of modelling and simulation including formal modelling, model-checking, random number generators, sensitivity analysis, variance reduction techniques, experimental design, meta-modelling, methods and algorithms for validation and verification, selection and comparison procedures etc.;• methodology and application of modelling and simulation in any area, including computer systems, networks, real-time and embedded systems, mobile and intelligent agents, manufacturing and transportation systems, management, engineering, biomedical engineering, economics, ecology and environment, education, transaction handling, etc.;• simulation languages and environments including those, specific to distributed computing, grid computing, high performance computers or computer networks, etc.;• distributed and real-time simulation, simulation interoperability;• tools for high performance computing simulation, including dedicated architectures and parallel computing.

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Read more provides a forum for original, high-quality papers dealing with any aspect of systems simulation and modelling.

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Papers covering applications should be presented in such a way that the separate steps in the process, such as model development, computer implementation of the derived model, mathematical and scalability problems encountered and validation/verification with real data become transparent to all readers.

Data modeling theory and practice pdf download:

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