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Colchester CNC Lathes Models: CNC2000 (also covers the CNC1000, CNC3000 and CNC4000) with Fanuc OTA Controls. MF11A2FANUC Model A and T Series 16i, 18i, 21i, 160i, 180i, 210i. Includes two additional publications: "Manual Guide Mode Tutorial" designed as a familiarisation exercise for first-time users in the set up and operation of the machine in manual mode and a "CNC Tutorial" that provides users with basic information on operation of the machine in CNC mode.

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Fanuc 6 Alarm Codes applies to Fanuc System 6M 6T CNC controls.

<b>Fanuc</b> 6t Programming <b>Manual</b> - Free Download

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Comprehensive and detailed 343-page manual with contents described as: Operating Instructions, Part Programming, Installation, Mechanical Service, Maintenance Adjustments and a Spare Parts Manual as clear Exploded Component Drawings. These were sold using older and newer Model Names: SB5 (old name RB5); SB6 (old name RB6); SC (old name RC); SC3 (old name RC3); SC4 (old name RC4); NB and NB2. Connection Manual (the manual describes all the NC functions required to enable machine tool builders to design their CNC machine tools. Kira Drillmill KN-6V(h) Drill-mill with Fanuc Control. Includes: Specifications, Transferring and installing, Preparations for test run, Operation of machine, programming in relation to the machine (not the full Fanuc manual - check our stock list for your type: Checking and maintenance, troubleshooting.


Parameters Parameter Description…Fanuc G72.1 Rotational copy programming example, G72.1 G-code is used to repeatedly produce a figure with rotational movement.

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