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This interface allows the connection of a Bluetooth handsfree adaptor into Mercedes OEM radios that utilise the D2B fibre optic protocol.

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We have generic and car specific aux radio adapters to hook up to pretty much any car stereo out there.

<u>Freelander</u> Owner's Handbook - 2nd Edition - Exp - Legion Land.

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(i-Mercedes-D2B, GWL1DB1, ALMBAUX) Mercedes Benz-FBR-OT for D2B fibre optic protocol, This unit is used for audio input (AUX IN, BLUETOOTH, USB) applications.

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If you want AUX order This interface with NSD-X963CD, Click on the NSD-X963CD Photo to select the connector type. ****This interface can also allow the connection of an Alpine 6CD shuttle/changer****This part is assembled locally in our facility and may take up to two weeks for shipment (i-Mercedes-D2B, GWL1DB1) Mercedes Benz-FBR-OTHFBT mercedes d2b aux in adaptor Bluetooth Alpine M-bus.

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