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An unprecedented source, The Harper Collins Bible Dictionary explains each element of the Bible, together with biblical archaeology, tradition, similar writings corresponding to the lifeless Sea Scrolls, the Bible's effect on Western civilization, biblical background, theological suggestions, glossy biblical interpretations, flowers nad fauna, weather and surroundings, crafts and undefined, the content material of person books of the bible, and more. , "my father is delight"), the father of Barak, a military leader in the period of the judges (Judg.

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The Harper Collins Bible Dictionary features: Contents: The book of Acts begins precisely at the point where the Gospel of Luke leaves off, with the ascension of Jesus. , "he [Yahweh] is father"), one of Aaron's priestly sons who ascended the mountain of God (Exod. He later died for offering a sacrifice incorrectly (Lev.

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The rule for solving a specific kind of arithmetic problem, as finding an average; algorithm. — algorismic, branch of applied mathematics that studies the measurement and shape and area of large tracts, the exact position of geographical points, and the curvature, shape, and dimensions of the earth. S.), Jean Le Rond Alembert (French), André Marie Ampère (French), Anaximander (Greek), Apollonius of Perga (Greek), Archimedes (Greek), Charles Babbage (English), Johann Jakob Balmer (Swiss), Daniel Bernoulli (Swiss), Jacques Bernoulli (Swiss), Jean Bernoulli (Swiss), Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (German), Hermann Bondi (British), George Boole (English), Henry Briggs (English), Augustin Louis Cauchy (French), Arthur Cayley (English), Rudolf Julius Clausius (German), Isidore Auguste Comte (French), George Howard Darwin (English), Julius Wilhelm Richard Dedekind (German), John Dee (English), René Descartes (French), Diophantus (Greek), Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet (German), Albert Einstein (U.

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" Thus, Luke begins his narrative by describing the situation of the followers of Jesus in Jerusalem (1:4-8:3).

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