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The Hendershot Generator "Do It Yourself" Kit

: I've prepared a page at PESWiki about it, which featured exotic free energy technologies. I will be putting two questions to my audience as to whether or not any of them have 1) tried building it, and 2) whether or not it worked.

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Allan Pure Energy Systems News March 5, 2014 On March 4, I send the following message to [mailto:[email protected]?

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While this Hendershot fuelless generator is probably a bust (wish it were real), I'm working on a feature page about a solid state technology that has been replicated, is open source, and looks very promising, that in some ways resembles this Hendershot system. Bear in mind, though, that most modern electronics actually run on DC power, and the tranformer converts a wide range of AC power to DC.

Hendershot Generator pdf - The fuel-less generator

Validated Replications: zero, but waiting, as of March 4, 2014 Note to our readers. To then immediately go to the step of powering a TV is a huge leap, without first checking that the power output is at the required voltage and frequency.

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