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The upper figure in the chart represents the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence.

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This diagram impresses and compels the outer consciousness to accept the truth of the fact that the Presence actually beats the hearts of everyone.

Descargar el libro Un <b>Manual</b> <b>Para</b> La <b>Ascension</b> de Bei <b>Serapis</b>.

Qué es la Energía? Manual para la Ascensión de SERAPIS BEY

He added that any student could produce similar results.

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Ballard lectured throughout the United States, in the 1930’s, he would always start off the evening with an explanation of the “Chart.” The purpose of this was, of course, to familiarize the audience with the new concepts of the Electronic Body of the AM Presence, the Causal Body, the Holy Christ Self, the Protective Pillar of Light and the Transmuting Violet Flame, all necessary for making our spiritual development.

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