Manual stored procedure en oracle 10g pdf

Create procedure - Oracle Docs

Stored routines require the Stored routines can provide improved performance because less information needs to be sent between the server and the client.

Oracle9i Java Stored Procedures Developer's Guide - Oracle Docs

This is a feature shared by modern application languages that enable such design internally (for example, by using classes).

<u>Oracle9i</u> Java <u>Stored</u> <u>Procedures</u> Developer's Guide - <u>Oracle</u> Docs

SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference - Oracle Docs

My SQL supports stored routines (procedures and functions).

Using Procedures, Functions, and Packages - Oracle Docs

My SQL follows the SQL:2003 syntax for stored routines, which is also used by IBM's DB2.

Manual stored procedure en oracle 10g pdf:

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