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Gerd Baumann, Mathematica for Theoretical PhysicsRepost Free.

The purpose of the Funky series of documents is to help develop an accurate physical, conceptual,geometric, and pictorial understanding of important physics topics.

Mathematical Methods of Theoretical Physics - arXiv

This note covers the following topics: Prologue, Free Fall and Harmonic Oscillators, ODEs and SHM, Linear Algebra, Harmonics - Fourier Series, Function Spaces, Complex Representations, Transform ques, Vector Analysis and EM Waves, Oscillations in Hher Dimensions.

Gerd Baumann, <strong>Mathematica</strong> for Theoretical PhysicsRepost.

Mathematical Methods for Physicists A concise

This book is intended primarily as a class-book for mathematical students and as an introduction to the advanced treatises dealing with the subjects of the different chapters, but since the analysis is kept as simple as possible, It will be useful for chemists and others who wish to learn the principles of these subjects.

Nonlinear Physics with Mathematica for Scientists and Engineers.

Topics covered includes: Kinematics and Conservation, Strain, Stress, Ideal Fluids and the Euler Equations, Elastic Fluids and Acoustic Waves, Newtonian Fluids and the Navier-Stokes Equations, Linear Elasticity, Thermodynamics and the Heat Equation, Porous Flow, Electrodynamics and Maxwells Equations.

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