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Essentials of Mathematica- With Applications to Mathematics and.

This note aims to make students aware of the physical orins of the main partial differential equations of classical mathematical physics, including the fundamental equations of fluid and solid mechanics, thermodynamics, and classical electrodynamics.

Baumann G. Mathematica for Theoretical Physics Electrodynamics.

Topics covered includes: Kinematics and Conservation, Strain, Stress, Ideal Fluids and the Euler Equations, Elastic Fluids and Acoustic Waves, Newtonian Fluids and the Navier-Stokes Equations, Linear Elasticity, Thermodynamics and the Heat Equation, Porous Flow, Electrodynamics and Maxwells Equations.

Nonlinear <u>Physics</u> with <u>Mathematica</u> for Scientists and Engineers.

Mathematica For Physics 3-3 - FeynCalc Basics - YouTube

This note covers the following topics: Measuring: Measured Value and Measuring Unit, Sns and Numbers and Their Linkages, Sequences and Series and Their Limits, Functions, Differentiation, Taylor Series, Integration, Complex Numbers, Vectors.

Gerd Baumann, Mathematica for Theoretical PhysicsRepost.

The purpose of the Funky series of documents is to help develop an accurate physical, conceptual,geometric, and pictorial understanding of important physics topics.

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