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Mathematical Methods for Physicists A concise

The purpose of the Funky series of documents is to help develop an accurate physical, conceptual,geometric, and pictorial understanding of important physics topics.

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Topics covered includes: Kinematics and Conservation, Strain, Stress, Ideal Fluids and the Euler Equations, Elastic Fluids and Acoustic Waves, Newtonian Fluids and the Navier-Stokes Equations, Linear Elasticity, Thermodynamics and the Heat Equation, Porous Flow, Electrodynamics and Maxwells Equations.

<strong>Mathematica</strong> for <strong>Physics</strong>, Second Edition -- from

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This note covers the following topics: General relativity, History of Quantum mechanics, Orbits and gravitation, Special relativity, Topology and Scottish mathematical physics, Lht: Ancient Greece to Maxwell, Lht in the relativistic and quantum era, History of Time: Classic time, History of Time: 20th Century time, Gravitation, Newton's bucket, Wave versus matrix mechanics, Kepler's planetary laws and Kinematic planetary motion.

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We focus on areas that dont seem to be covered well in most texts.

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