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Unlike other workstations, that may dazzle you with patches, the motif restricts you to a smaller soundset but with higher quality. I am going to build a monolith of my favorite sounds from my sample cd roms.

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When you press stop you see 3 tracks recorded in the pattern sequencer. A lot of times, the Motif will introduce you to new musical ideas. Lets say you like Reggae but have no idea how to build a reggae song. In the sequencer you see they have selected a reggae bassline, drum kit and a wah chinka wah guitar. There is also a small ribbon controller under the wheels.

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Go through a few performances till you find something you like at the moment, get a groove going and then press record.

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Part of the motif's charm is that while there is a complete set of patches, there are not too many.

Motif xs manual pdf:

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