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And I doubt that very many people here could have first fallen in love with this movie as kids, since it's sixty-five years old! .filmboy (10 out of 10 )People who vote this film low are imbeciles that will never understand good storytelling or characters.

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And for a film that features the most number of memorable lines in cinema history it seems puerile to say it 'blew goats'. If you can't see the depth of love and emotion in this movie, you are either too young and immature or you are living without passion in your life. What kind of monicker is that for a man who simply appreciates nothing about the great medium of film?

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Ancient Wind (10 out of 10 )Stands the test of time, every time! In spite of it being a wartime movie, the propaganda still stands because it has universal values. In this movie you'll just find everything that contributes to a great romance.

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This film is timeless, the screenplay is as good as it gets and it shows because it is regarded all around the world as perhaps the greatest picture ever.

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