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ECONOMY: The Trump Bump continues, with Friday bringing news that unemployment has reached its lowest level since 1969. What the pivot looks like is a policy of containment—one that should have been pursued decades ago. Trump has achieved all of these gains, in such disparate areas of policy, through totally unorthodox means. Where others mindlessly repeat politically correct clichés, Trump unequivocally challenges them.

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He is president of a country that is wilder, zanier, and more unpredictable than before. Donald Trump is putting the finishing touches on one of the most remarkable weeks of his presidency.

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FOREIGN POLICY: President Trump is slowly and steadily re-orienting U. foreign policy to face the central challenge of the twenty-first century: the rise of China to great power status.

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Can we pause for a moment to consider what has transpired in the last seven days? TRADE: Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced it had reached an agreement with both Mexico and Canada to revise and rebrand the North America Free Trade Agreement as the United States Mexico Canada Agreement. Trump has made this move while sanctioning Russia, getting tough on Iran, ending the farcical Middle East “peace process,” and attempting to defuse tensions on the Korean peninsula. He brags, he intimidates, he pouts, he jokes, he insults, he is purposefully ambiguous, and he leaves no criticism unanswered. He has ushered in a new era of American politics by dissolving the varnish that for so long obscured fundamental cultural divisions between and within the parties.

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