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Beneath these studied ambiguities were the basic premises: man is a “progressive being” (the phrase is John Stuart Mill’s) whose nature is good and will improve if its potentialities are permitted to flower; history is the record of the struggle between Freedom and Authority, Reason and Prejudice, Left and Right, with the victory of the former assured by the growing preponderance among mankind of rational opinions and rational conduct.

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But conservatism can afford, in principle, to fall back on a stubborn and mindless balking, whereas liberalism is committed to the general idea and the reasoned program, and its crisis is therefore the more poignant.

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It is no longer fashionable to state these postulates baldly, but they receive an unspoken assent that has far-reaching consequences.

How Putin undermines democracy in

Revolution was not merely a political overturn, but one that held a promise for the future—otherwise it was Reaction.

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