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By default, the volume controls will control any device, depending on the mode selected.

ANT1650 Amplified Flat Multi-Directional Indoor. - RCA Antennas

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<u>RCA</u> Home Theater Projector RPJ116 Part I - Setup and Hands-on.

DirecTV RC66RX Remote Control User Manual RC66RXZ.

Made for streamlined 2-device TV and cable/satellite/digital TV converter setups, this remote is the ultimate in de-cluttering, leaving you just the buttons you need and none of the ones you don't.

User's Guide - Cox

(The AUX button may be programmed to operate a VCR, Home Theatre In the Box (HTIB), receiver or amplifier.) Reminder: The Bell MTS TV Remote must be set to Bell MTS Mode in order to control your Bell MTS TV Set Top Box.

Rca ultimate tv manual pdf:

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