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It might also help a buyer or tenant decide between 2 or more properties, that’s how important these details can be.

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These brochures can be used to highlight a single apartment, house, condo, commercial property, or you can promote multiple real estate buildings in a single pamphlet. Most realtors lack certain design skills, so you can usually tell whether a real estate brochure was designed by a realtor or a professional designer. All you have to do is read this post, follow our tips, be inspired by some of the examples provided below and edit a ready-made realtor flyer template.

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Let’s start with some free templates, because everyone loves them.

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The decision to buy a house is not the result of a spur of the moment impulse, which is why people will carefully review all these details before they make up their minds.2D Floor planor 3D Floor plan The floor plan shows the layout of a property.

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