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The motor offers linear power delivery extending into high rev ranges, with maximum revs of 11,400 rpm.

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A key element in this is attaining weight, volume, efficiency, and cost targets for the PE and EM subsystems of the traction drive system using novel traction motor designs that result in increased power density and lower cost.

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As one point of comparison, the permanent magnet motor in the 2011 Nissan LEAF was rated at 80 k W from a 58 kg motor, for a SP of 1.38 k W/kg. Although the improvement of batteries is a major focus of development for reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of electric drive vehicles, improvements in electric traction drives (motor, power electronics, transmission, thermal management) also play a critical role.

Road Vehicle Dynamics Series on Advances in Mathematics for.

Drawing from a 2012 BMW patent application showing one embodiment of a proposed method to increase the efficiency of an electric motor.

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