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JRebel is a productivity tool that allows developers to reload code changes instantly.

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It will change license headers on all files it understands (currently Java, Java FX, XML, Groovy and Properties) under any directory. Using this plugin you can manage Jelastic environments, deploy applications, get log files, and perform other operations right within Net Beans IDEeasy UML is a UML diagram tool for Net Beans that provides features to easily create and work with UML diagrams.

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Struts2 black book 2nd edition pdf free download

Developers familiar with vi or vim are immediately comfortable in the Net Beans editor while at the same time taking advantage of Code Completion, Templates, debugging and all the other IDE features. Net Beans theme for web development inspired by Sublime Text and Visual Studio. Remember to install Darcula LAF for Net Beans in the list of available plugins (Tools / Plugins / Available Plugins). Introduction Plugin allows..Teamscale Net Beans Integration allows for seamless browsing of quality defects found by the Teamscale software quality analysis server.

Free Java Books - Part 3 PDF Download

J Vi is a vi/vim editor clone; j Vi's core is a port to Java of major chunks of vim "C" code. This plugin combines the High Velocity web framework for java and Scala (Play Framework) with the Smarter way to code (Net Beans) to increase developer productivity.

Struts2 black book 2nd edition pdf download:

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