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Strengthening of the Faith Kalamullah

People are labeled with innovative or derogatory words to people who defend the first pillar of Islam- Tawheed.

TAQWIYAT UL IMAN Shaykh Shah Ismail Shaheed r.a Free.

Shah Ismail was a grandson of Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Ad-Dehlavi.

Taqwiyat Ul <strong>Iman</strong> <strong>Urdu</strong>/English - Internet Archive

Taqwiyat Ul Iman Urdu/English - Internet Archive

By Umer Sultan Tawheed, which can be loosley translated as Monotheism or specifically as Islamic Monotheism is the concrete base of the Building of Islam.


Unfortunately, these accusers and label stampers are Muslims themselves.

Taqwiyatul iman in urdu pdf:

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