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There's probably only 3 degrees of separation in Scientology, when it gets to 500 the communication to those in the church will be overwhelming. For one reason or another those of us who cannot come out in the open at this time due to family connections and/or business connections that need to be worked out but should be acknowledged somehow.

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With enough names on the list we will break the back of disconnection, not because of this list, but because of the power of your communication lines, freedom and integrity being restored.

Find online tests, practice test, and test creation.

Find online tests, practice test, and test creation.

And don't forget details such as the year you started in Scientology, auditing and training levels, years on staff, and any recognitions or awards.

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Get your name on the list, be one of the first 500 indie Scientologists and take your life back.

The indie bible 2013 pdf:

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