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As in previous surveys by the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, internet use remains strongly correlated with age, educational attainment, and household income.

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Though they themselves do not go online, these self-described non-internet users often report that the internet touches their lives: Overall, most adults who do not use the internet or email do not express a strong desire to go online in the future: just 8% of offline adults say they would like to start using the internet or email, while 92% say they are not interested.

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We also offline adults whether they would need assistance going online if they did wish to do so, and found that only 17% of all non-internet users say they would be able to start using the internet on their own, while 63% say they would need assistance.

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S that are snificantly more likely to rely on internet access outside the home include blacks and Hispanics, as well as adults at lower levels of income and education.

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