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Now, if you want to read the pilot…well, we can’t link to it, but it’s out there.

Wayne of Gotham A Novel 9780062219862 Tracy.

This is the story of , directed by Brad Bird, to widespread critical acclaim (and not-so-great box office, though time has long since earned it an audience).

<i>Wayne</i> of <i>Gotham</i> - Tracy Hickman - E-book - HarperCollins Publishers

Wayne Manor - 1007 Mountain Drive,

This is the story of a teen billionaire without a cape and cowl, his friends and enemies, and Barbara Gordon on a skateboard.

God On The StreetS Of Gotham - Tyndale House Publishers

, chronicling the pre-Batman days of the Dark Knight’s hometown, is one of this fall’s most anticipated new shows.

Wayne of gotham pdf:

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