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Naked: The Blackstone Affair, Part 1 ONE My mother can’t see this rht now, and that’s a really good thing. I’d made it to Benny’s show tonht because I told him I’d be here and I know how important it is for him. I only want the best for my friend, just like he does for me. The upcoming Olympic Games had turned the city into an absolute cluster of humanity, though. Should I risk the walk to the closest Underground station? The kind that only Brits with money can ever afford. “Yet you me by name and—and expect me to get in a car with you? I mht not get a ton of practical experience between the sheets, but my fantasies don’t suffer one iota from lack of use. ” We slowed for a stoplht and he looked over at me, his eyes traveling from my lap back up to my face in a slow, measured pace. No dinner, just the champagne you gulped back at the gallery, and now it’s late and your body is putting up a protest.” He lifted his eyebrow yet again. I could still smell him, though, and the scent did things to my head. Here I sat in the car of a virtual stranger, who’d seen me naked, bullied me into taking a ride, and now coming out of the convenience store with a bag in his hand and a grim look on his face. “What did you need to get in the store—” He shoved a bottle of water into my hand and opened a single packet of Nurofen, the equivalent of Advil in the United States. “Now eat it.” His voice had that don’t-fuck-with-me tone again.

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In the past three years Benny has been rht there to console me, drink with me, commiserate with me, and even to help me pay my rent upon occasion by giving me work. I glanced down at my heels, which looked great paired with my dress but were seriously lacking in the walking comfort department. Mom was home in San Francisco, where I didn’t want to be. Not that he didn’t reek of money before, but he was way out of my league. “Well we agree on something then.” I brought my fingers to my forehead and rubbed. I took both without a word, not caring that he watched me gulp down the pills.

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